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Redfish Collective

Strategy Driven. Internet Savvy. Passionately Creative.

We are a collective of branding, marketing, advertising, design, and social media talents uniting people with brands. We’ve been described as strategic gear heads. That makes some sense to us, we are definitely experience oriented so we do a lot of stuff, and a lot of stuff we do requires a lot of gear… Amongst our ranks you’ll find car people, motorcycle people, dog people, cat people, skiiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, trail runners, hunters, a vegetarian, fishers, hikers, campers, boaters, ball-players, travelers, martial artists, and even a certified referee to keep us all in line.

A Record of Leadership

Before we were Redfish we were AMG Strategies. If you aren’t in the marine industry odds are good you haven’t heard of us but AMG was one of the big names in marine marketing. We went from boats and boating to marine accessories and then the full spectrum of boating outboards, inboards, and sterndrives. Over time, we grew and our breadth of marketing experience expanded to include things like marinas, various retail and recreation industries, motorcycle accessories, luxury real estate property developers & builders, travel association VCB’s, museums, galleries, apps, more and more.

Our Green Bay, Wisconsin advertising agency provides a complete array of services including: overall marketing direction & planning, art and graphic design, brand development & execution, e-Commerce, digital marketing & advertising, lead acquisition & nurturing, dealer support materials, sales promotion collateral, advertising, and public relations.


Scenes from marine marketing pioneer and Redfish founder, Jack Aylsworth, during his time as VP of Johnson Evinrude, where he traveled to South America to film boats and outboards. Jack also created, produced and directed Anglin’ USA, the number-one rated fishing show on national TV for three years.

1947 Chevy Pickup Truck - Redfish Collective Downtown Green Bay Agency