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Everglades Boats - Ramcap Construction - Smoothest Ride

Everglades Boats – RAMCAP Construction

Everglades Boats RAMCAP construction is a unique, patented process that distinguishes Everglades boats by using pre-molded, highly compressed foam inside the hull of the boat. The compressed, higher density foam allows for a far smoother and quieter ride compared to their competitors — where the foam is generally always blind injected into the hull without additional pressure.

The unique RAMCAP process has been a challenge to communicate to new customers — until they have taken a test drive to see the difference for themselves. Working with the engineering and marketing teams at Everglades we were able to use 3D models and animation to help communicate their unique process. Using some cool new web design tricks such as frame-scrolling, we made a page that is unique to the industry and demonstrates with technology, how Everglades’ use of technology and innovation makes their brand the smoothest ride on the water.

View the webpage here: Everglades Boats RAMCAP Construction

Campaign Scope:

• Printed Display Banners
• Printed Postcard
• Video with Voiceover
• Custom Landing Page
• Logo refresh
• Animated HTML5 Ad campaign
• Email Promotions